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B. Love

Young Love in Memphis: Heart on Reserve

Young Love in Memphis: Heart on Reserve

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Three of the most monumental ages of a woman's life are eighteen, twenty-one, and twenty-five. In part one of Young Love in Memphis: Heart on Reserve - Grace, Braille, and Jessica begin their journey into womanhood.

Grace's life had never been normal. She grew up with a father who showed his love only through providing and protecting, and a mother who was so submissive that she allowed her husband to keep her from giving Grace the love and nurture every young girl needs. When Grace was sixteen she left Memphis to be with her boyfriend, Andy. Almost two years later, Grace finds herself sneaking back into Memphis, praying her parents and Andy never find out. But Andy does. And he refuses to let her go easily.

Braille grew up with a single mother. Her entire life has centered around loving her Mother, getting good grades in school, and becoming a Nurse. A flat tire on one of the hottest days in Spring causes her to meet Lorenzo, a young dope boy whose life is going down a completely different path, and her life is changed forever because of it.

After watching her sister love, lose, and die because of it, Jessica vowed to never fully commit herself to love or a man. Then she met Cameron. And his love and gentle pursuit of her changed her mind. When Cameron left for college she thought she could get back to her normal routine of enjoying life and messing around with whoever she wanted to, but Cameron didn't want to let her go so easily. As she tries to enjoy her last year of high school and maintain a long distance relationship she meets Vega, Lorenzo's best friend. Their encounter leaves her in a love triangle she's not sure she wants to get out of.

In this captivating series, these girls are all left with two options - live and love while they're young, or place their hearts on reserve to live wild and free. Which will they choose? Join them in part one to find out

Binding Type: Paperback
Author: Love, B.
Published: 12/15/2016
Publisher: Royalty Publishing House
ISBN: 9780986409202
Pages: 236
Weight: 0.77lbs
Size: 9.00h x 6.00w x 0.54d
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