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Munson Steed - Blackbookstore

Imagine a place where books by Black authors across all genres are plenty, Black authors are celebrated, and Black-owned and operated literary enterprises are the dream realized.

Welcome to our online storefront, Blackbookstore.com!

Blackbookstore.com was created to be a resource for independent and established Black authors, poets, and storytellers. A place where their work can be highlighted, and their stories shared across the generations in the diaspora. Afro-futurism, self-care, juicy fiction, and more are available here.

We bring Black books to your doorstep in a business exchange that supports Black authors as literary entrepreneurs. We provide the distribution; they provide the books. We’re one of the latest sellers of Black authored titles, and we are growing, as we work with Black authors to showcase and sell their books.

We’re also here to help independent publishers who often can’t find a platform for placement of their stories. They become a part of our Black cultural enterprise that circulates Black titles and an economic, cultural, and creative alliance for emerging and experienced independent authors and publishers.

Experience the literary journeys of Black authors through stories of a lifetime. Romance. history, mystery, cultural reflection, and revolution – and everything in between.

Our books for children open the doors to imagination and play while learning. It’s the souls of Black folks told in many dimensions of realism and fantasy.

Blackbookstore.com is part of a movement to provide exclusive content that highlights historical Black publishers and we pay homage to those who have led the way such as Third World Press, the oldest continuous Black publisher in the country.

If you have a book you’d like us to consider for the site, please feel free to reach out. We’re on social media and our contact page is available.

Never stop being a student of life. Books are our greatest gift. Happy reading!

The Blackbookstore.com Team