Through the Eyes of the Soul...: Ones understanding of reality vs fantasy... by Duncan, Tim
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Through the Eyes of the Soul...: Ones understanding of reality vs fantasy...

Imagine riding a roller coaster - the speed, turns, spins and then a sudden stop - and then it all starts again. Imagine the emotions of a man being put on live television for the entire world to see and what that would look like. Imagine finding yourself so wrapped up in emotion then released to fall flat on your face. Imagine laughing and crying at the same time, and seeing the formation of emotion from a distance, and then all of sudden right in your face. Through the Eyes of the Soul will touch on so many emotions from a man's point of view. Most people that read this book will find themselves as the topic without even trying. You will find yourself wrapped by the words and released with the conclusion. This book will give you an eagle's eye into the emotional state of mind of a man. You will feel the feelings and the emotions in each piece. You will be able to visualize yourself being in that moment, being in that space. It will give you a totally different perspective on how situations and people are viewed at different times in life. Through the Eyes of the Soul is a reflection of one man's journey through life leading him in many directions and even in the end (still lost to a degree) but at the same time finding himself on many levels. Through the Eyes of the Soul reaches depths that most cannot understand. They cannot understand a man being so expressive, so emotional - but we can and we are. Many times it's just not seen, because it's not viewed as strength, but rather as a weakness but there is strength in being able to convey your thoughts to someone, about someone, or in regard to someone or something. If emotions could tell a story this book will do just that, if words could paint pictures of reality this book will do just that. If words could make fantasy reality this book will do just that. The poems are written in such a way that they transform the mind into a canvas of emotional paints, flowing in all directions creating patterns, elusions, 3D effects or just a picture of sadness, pain, happiness, and peace. This book is life's setbacks and ways forward; it's the beginning of life and the ending of a journey. Some poems are about the fantasy of pleasing a woman and finding out that pleasure is no longer wanted and having to deal with the emotional side of feeling rejected, feeling turned away by someone you thought loved you or at least they said the words. Through The Eyes of the Soul poems were inspired by many places. These places include, but are not limited to, real life experiences - where things are not as they seem or they seem wrong but feel so right. Conversations had - whether short or long - but the point was made to put pen to paper as that conversation needed to be talked out further ......and so now the world will be able to pierce into my interpretation of that conversation. "I write about what I see, hear, think, and feel"

Binding Type: Paperback
Author: Duncan, Tim
Published: 11/07/2017
Publisher: Allenrich Publishing
ISBN: 9780999377307
Pages: 222
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