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Richard T. Ryan

Three May Keep A Secret - A Sherlock Holmes Adventure

Three May Keep A Secret - A Sherlock Holmes Adventure

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When a meeting with a client goes disastrously wrong, Sherlock Holmes soon finds himself involved in a case of murder with two dead bodies and too few clues.

From some clear pieces of glass and a raven's feather, the Great Detective must divine exactly who the client was and what prompted him to seek assistance at 221B. Fortunately, Holmes has a number of experts upon whom he can rely as well as his own vast store of esoteric knowledge.

Treading a twisted path, Holmes soon finds himself matching wits with an unseen criminal, who appears to be the equal of the late Professor Moriarty. At the same time, he is tasked with sparing the monarchy any possible embarrassment that may stem from the investigation.

It's a deadly game of cat-and-mouse that finds Holmes and Watson attending underground auctions, using rare and priceless artefacts as bait and holding a late night vigil in anticipation of deterring a theft, all the while trying to understand how a priceless antiquity fits into their investigation.

Like his previous books, Richard T. Ryan's Three May Keep a Secret is a deft blend of history and mystery, interweaving real-life personalities and ancient artefacts with the gas-lit streets of Victorian England and the characters of the Canon. The end result is a pastiche that should appeal to anyone who appreciates a tangled skein spiced with a healthy dollop of suspense and intrigue.

Binding Type: Paperback
Author: Ryan, Richard T.
Published: 11/29/2021
Publisher: MX Publishing
ISBN: 9781787058101
Pages: 264
Weight: 0.68lbs
Size: 8.50h x 5.50w x 0.55d
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