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Sonja Schenk

The Digital Filmmaking Handbook

The Digital Filmmaking Handbook

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Who hasn't dreamed about making a movie?

Not just for the thrill of it, but as a way to get your story out into the world, the story that only you can tell.

For this edition, we've focused on soft skills: developing a project, writing a compelling story, working with actors, the special challenges of directing. After all, these are the things that really matter in the end-skills that help you tell any story. But don't worry, you can't keep up away from technology and a lot has changed since the last edition. Digital cinema cameras keep getting better and there are important changes to the workflow from set to editing room. The internet of things continues to improve gear, from remote controllable lighting to GPS-based motion tracking and live virtual sets-it's an exciting time to be a filmmaker!

We're here to help you navigate the complex but increasingly unlimited landscape of independent filmmaking, whether you're making a short, a series, or a feature film.

The Digital Filmmaking Handbook will show you how to make the movie you've been dreaming about.

The Digital Filmmaking Handbook is a top-rated bestseller. It's been in print for over 20 years. It offers 400 pages of regularly updated information on all aspects of filmmaking. It's even spawned a series of companion books: The Digital Filmmaking Handbook Presents.

Oh, and it's in full color. Finally.

Binding Type: Paperback
Author: Schenk, Sonja
Published: 08/02/2021
Publisher: Foreing Films Publishing
ISBN: 9781733150217
Pages: 454
Weight: 1.97lbs
Size: 10.00h x 8.00w x 0.92d
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