Sunday's Horse Race by Mozee, Stanley Orson
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Sunday's Horse Race

Once upon a time, in a place where the sun always shine It was named the "Sunny South Dallas" most often mistaken for the Royal Place There were two old school horse riding cowboys, whom both attending Colonial Elementary. They were the last of the Mohicans. Cool cowboy Bobby Allen and Mike cowboy Love, rode their horse with pride.Cowboy Mike Love, was short, stocky built and he had bowlegs that caught most of the girl's attention. Cool Bob, had a light skin complexion, tall, lean and the rap conversation that, made all the other girls listen.Both Bob and Mike could be seen after school, riding their horses up and down the streets of South Dallas. It was at school one day, when the two boys begin to brag, who's horse was fast and which one lagged?"My horse can beat your horse and that's real talk". Bobby told Mike. "Them words don't mean a hill of beans to me" Mike replied to Bob, then he added, "Meet me after school, we can have a horse race; Let everyone see your face, when you come in second place."I'll tell you this", Bob said to Mike. "Let's have the horse race on Sunday, then everybody can see. I'm going to win, me and my horse will leave you in the wind Bob told Mike.Saddle up boy and, put your boots on, bring your spurs wear your hat, we run hard as a desert rat Mike Replied. "You might want to bring your posse, for a little backup and support", Bobby said to Mike, "Just in case you get a little bit too edgy, when you lose. I'll sure have my crew and believe me we won't snooze This was the beginning of Sundays Horse Race between Mike Love and Bobby Allen, around Colonial Elementary School.

Binding Type: Paperback
Author: Mozee, Stanley Orson
Published: 07/07/2020
Publisher: Independently Published
ISBN: 9781705913871
Pages: 38
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