street mechanic: Street mechanic by Son, Preacher's
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street mechanic: Street mechanic

My book cover startes my story, each one of the eleven clipart pictures have a special meaning in my life and in this book . Below you can see what the clipart represent. THE WRENCH One of our fight got mama caught in the middle, we were fighting in the bedroom. I don't remember which one of us ran out of the room and the other threw a wrench. It hit our mom right over her eye as she was talking to my older sister on the sofa. I remember her grabbing her head as she got up, we froze. THE MOTORCYCLE Oct 26, 1976, a day I will never forget. It was my father's 45th birthday. Me and Otis had been out in Southland riding his motorcycle with my 1st cousin and some other guys from school. We got back to my house and as we pulled into the drive way some little kids from the neighborhood came running up to me and said that my mom was gone to take my dad to the hospital. THE HOE I had hit him in the head, with a hoe when we were younger in a fight in which he had something to hit me with but I was faster with the hoe. He still has the scar in his head. Another time, he had broken a coke bottle in my back when he hit me with it. Back then the bottles were glass. THE MECHANIC Being a mechanic is a very dangerous job. I don't care how good you are. Safety should be the first thing on your mind before you touch or attempt to repair a vehicle. You need to know if it's in a safe place to be worked on. Is the engine hot? Do you have to jack it up? Do you have jack stands? Do you have gloves to protect your hands? Do you have the right tools? And do you know what you're doing? THE HANDCUFFS He said, everything depended on the arresting officer, it was her call. I'm thinking damn I am gone, because she is kind of big and look like one of the women in the Russian commercial modeling uniforms and she didn't look too happy THE STETHOSCOPE I finally went to doctor and got a call when the test came back that they wanted to see me ASAP, and had already made an appointment for the next day THE BEE The light was covered with bees. They had turned it into a beehive, but these were not honeybees. They were all over the light. Otis said, "Tell her she needs to call somebody to get them bees, and then we will change the light." I look at him and said, "She did call somebody. Us " THE GUN I didnt think much until i saw the look in Otis eyes though the rearview mirrow.Then I saw that the guy had a gun in his hand and it was pointed at Otis .He was looking at the gun as the guy told him to get out.I had not seen many hand guns and all I knew it was big and black. Otis didnt move he didnt know what this was about and neither did I. THE 59 CHEVY On the way to school one morning in daddy's 59 Chevy, we went around a curve and crashed into Papa's truck. He was on his way to our house. I remember being thrown forward and daddy telling us to get out. Papa was already out and at the car door making sure we were ok. THE SLINGSHOT The time was here. I got my lady to drive my van. I opened the sunroof. We rode past the house so I could show her which one. I got in the back, so I could stand up in the roof. We went down two blocks so we would not have to turn on North Street. We set at the stop sign looking at the house for about a minute. I told her to just go like normal and that I would get only one shot. THE WASP To read there was always Sears, JC Penney's or a Wards catalogue, which was also the toilet paper. We also had wasp nests to deal with sometimes

Binding Type: Paperback
Author: Son, Preacher's
Published: 12/30/2014
Publisher: Cleophus Lacey
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