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Sereniti Hall

Still Feenin'

Still Feenin'

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When Infinity suddenly shows up offering Tanisha her forgiveness, yet asks explicit details about Tanisha s previous affair with her husband, Roscoe, Tanisha has every right to be suspicious. Despite her gut feeling, she accepts Infinity s friendship. As the women try to bury old bones, Infinity introduces Tanisha to her three friends, Venom, Jazzy, and Armani. Once secrets, gossip and betrayal stir up between the women, most times placing Tanisha in the middle, Tanisha finally removes the blinders and opens her eyes to the truth . . . Friendship and loyalty can sometimes mix like oil and water. Just as Tanisha begins to feel a decent life is opening its doors to her, Infinity allows insecurity and misconception to darken her heart. Envious and vengeful, Infinity pulls the ultimate double cross, leaving Tanisha devastated and without hope. Will Tanisha fight back and overcome these obstacles to maintain her sobriety? Or will she give up and relapse to the one thing she knows will offer her quick relief? We will soon find out

Binding Type: Paperback
Author: Hall, Sereniti
Published: 03/01/2012
Publisher: Wahida Clark Presents Publishing, LLC
ISBN: 9780975964644
Pages: 313
Weight: 0.86lbs
Size: 8.76h x 5.54w x 0.70d
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