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Monique Guillory

Soul: Black Power, Politics, and Pleasure

Soul: Black Power, Politics, and Pleasure

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No other word in the English language is more endemic to contemporary Black American culture and identity than "Soul." Since the 1960s Soul has been frequently used to market and sell music, food, and fashion. However, Soul also refers to a pervasive belief in the capacity of the Black body/spirit to endure the most trying of times in an ongoing struggle for freedom and equality. While some attention has been given to various genre manifestations of Soul-as in Soul music and food-no book has yet fully explored the discursive terrain signified by the term. In this broad-ranging, free-spirited book, a diverse group of writers, artists, and scholars reflect on the ubiquitous but elusive concept of Soul. Topics include: politics and fashion, Blaxploitation films, language, literature, dance, James Brown, and Schoolhouse Rock. Among the contributors are Angela Davis, Manning Marable, Paul Gilroy, Lyle Ashton Harris, Michelle Wallace, Ishmael Reed, Greg Tate, Manthia Diawara, and dream hampton.

Binding Type: Paperback
Author: Guillory, Monique
Published: 12/01/1997
Publisher: New York University Press
ISBN: 9780814730850
Pages: 334
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Size: 8.92h x 6.02w x 0.83d
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