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Kendra Norman-Bellamy

Song of Solomon

Song of Solomon

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At age forty-five, Dr. Neil Taylor is an eligible bachelor, living a seemingly satisfied existence as a deacon of his church and director of Kingdom Builder's Academy. But despite outward appearances, Neil harbors secret pains that have caused him to erect a well-constructed wall of defense around his heart.

Everything changes, however, when Shaylynn Ford, a beautiful young mother, strolls through the doors of his office. There's a marked difference in their ages, but the years that separate them are the least of Neil's worries.

Shaylynn is his God-given soul mate. Neil is certain of it. But even with all the prayers in the world, how can he get her to love him when she's already wearing a wedding ring?

Binding Type: Compact Disc
Author: Norman-Bellamy, Kendra
Published: 07/14/2020
Publisher: Urban Books
ISBN: 9781094038391
Weight: 0.35lbs
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