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Rhonda Washington-Nelson

Restored Too

Restored Too

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It seemed endless blessings of prosperity and happiness flowed into the lives of all who lived in a place affectionately known as "the compound." The master of this household was a generous and kind man who believed and trusted in God. However, sudden calamities and a series of misfortunes attacked and stripped him of his wealth and health. The reverberating effects shook the foundation of his once solid marriage--causing the entire compound to spiral out of control. Friends who attempted to offer solace during these troubling times, did so in an ineffective way, and instead of providing comfort--foolish counsel was offered.

Restored Too.... is told through the eyes of a young servant girl who also lives on the compound with her mother. The young maiden dramatically recounts the sudden fall of a once thriving family... capturing the crippling effects that sudden poverty had on each of them. She leads us on a journey filled with sadness, yet, with an intense determination to hold fast to hope, faith and love. Through a series of miracles and a relentless trust in God, restoration not only takes place for the master of the house--his wife, the maiden, and all the servants who lived there, lives were restored too.

Binding Type: Paperback
Author: Washington-Nelson, Rhonda
Published: 07/08/2017
Publisher: Nelson & Nelson Press, LLC
ISBN: 9780998810829
Pages: 100
Weight: 0.26lbs
Size: 8.00h x 5.00w x 0.24d
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