Reparations: The Healing of America by Hall Jr, Ozie Lee
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Reparations: The Healing of America

REPARATIONS: The Healing of America is designed to help Americans understand the issue of reparations for African Americans. At least ten 2020 Democratic Presidential Candidates have supported the creation of a Study Commission to examine the issue of reparations for slavery, Jim Crow segregation, and continuing racial discrimination in the United States. This book discusses the "equities" of making reparations to Black America and why reparations are required to level the playing field. Income inequality, home devaluation, retirement saving differentials, and the wealth gap are the direct result of discriminatory policies which continue to this date. The book discusses two prevailing ethe in the United States regarding the plight of Black America. The first, argues that Black Americans did not have a civilization in Africa prior to slavery and that Black people should be thankful for being taken into slavery and given the opportunity to become Americans. The second, ethos is based upon painstaking research and the accumulation of research which demonstrates that Black Americans were stolen from civilizations which in many cases were superior to those of their European captors. It was the invention by others of the hand-held gun and ships called "Caravals" which gave Europeans a technological advantage which was used ruthlessly to place Black people into "Chattel Slavery." Chattel slavery was different from slavery which existed in Africa and other parts of the world throughout history. Chattel slavery denied the humanity of Black people and is by far the most morally reprehensible form of slavery ever carried out in the history of man on the earth. The book explores what actually happened to Black people and examines the continued racial discrimination against Black Americans which plague the United States of America. The book argues that making the truth of what happened to Black people known can lead to positive discussion and the healing of both Black America and the nation.

Binding Type: Paperback
Author: Hall Jr, Ozie Lee
Published: 06/14/2019
Publisher: Independently Published
ISBN: 9781071462508
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