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Steven a. Swan

Railroaded or Not?: Into Federal Prison for Alleging Zionists Orchestrated 9/11 and More!

Railroaded or Not?: Into Federal Prison for Alleging Zionists Orchestrated 9/11 and More!

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Beginning in the late 1970s, Steven A. Swan began following news and information from sources other than those disseminated by the Establishment-controlled Mainstream Media. That alternative news and information taught Swan how unbelievably corrupt and controlled modern society as a whole had become. It also taught him how a number of wealthy, powerful Zionist Jews had acquired an inordinate amount of power and influence in the United States and in the world in relation to their relatively small population.

In 2001, Swan was following all of the negative publicity that Israelis and Zionists were receiving in the global news media. Then the 9/11 terrorist attacks against the United States occurred Based upon everything that Swan had learned over decades of study, Swan postulated that Zionists, many of whom held high positions in the U.S. Government, had orchestrated the attacks with the intent of blaming them upon their enemies in the Middle East--Muslims and Arabs. Swan believed that their intent in orchestrating that False Flag operation was to dupe the United States into greatly increasing its military presence in the Middle East and to go to war against some of Israel's enemies. This would help to further Zionism's ultimate goal of expanding Israel to control the entire Middle East.

Almost immediately after 9/11, Swan began widely disseminating his beliefs to everyone in federal law enforcement, in government, in the news media, in news analysis, etc. that he could think of. He also widely disseminated a lot of other suppressed information about Zionist corruption throughout the world, . That included a 4-part Fox News expose into Israeli espionage against the United States that Fox News was forced to delete from its website in December of 2001.

Swan was especially vocal at the end December 2001. Ten days later, many armed I.R.S. Special Agents were at his door with a search warrant and informing him that he was the target of a federal criminal investigation into trumped-up violations of the internal revenue laws

Swan was subsequently convicted and sentenced to 9 years in federal prison However, there is a tremendous amount of circumstantial evidence demonstrating that he was not prosecuted because of income tax violations. Rather, he was prosecuted to prevent him from continuing to widely disseminate evidence of widespread Zionist and Israeli corruption and atrocities. All of that evidence is thoroughly delineated in this book.

More information and the transcripts of the deleted Fox News exposes can be found on Swan's website

Binding Type: Paperback
Author: Swan, Steven a.
Published: 10/11/2016
Publisher: Steven A. Swan
ISBN: 9780692790717
Pages: 198
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Size: 9.00h x 6.00w x 0.42d

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