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Karen Walrond

Radiant Rebellion: Reclaim Aging, Practice Joy, and Raise a Little Hell

Radiant Rebellion: Reclaim Aging, Practice Joy, and Raise a Little Hell

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Imagine a world where aging is something to look forward to, not fear. Imagine that together, we can challenge the negative stereotypes about aging and create a new narrative of possibility and vitality.

Karen Walrond, author of The Lightmaker's Manifesto, invites us on an intriguing journey to reclaim aging, cultivate joy, and resist ageism.

During a year of transition in her own life, Walrond explores the many dimensions of aging, including health, beauty, spirituality, connection, adventure, and meaning and purpose. She speaks with experts from a variety of fields to understand why our culture views aging as a time of decline. She also embarks on a series of personal experiments to rebel against conventional expectations.

Walrond shows us that we have the power to write our own story of aging. With wisdom from wise elders and luminaries, she helps us to radiantly rebel against the status quo, redefine the adventure of getting older, and create a shining future of expanded potential.

Walrond even offers journal prompts and strategies to help us create our own handbook for radiant rebellion.

In short, this book is a call to action to embrace aging with joy and courage. It is a guide to writing our own story of aging and creating a future that is full of possibility.

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