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J. Carter-Ball

Planted by the Waters

Planted by the Waters

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This story is about family; specifically a family separated by slavery, and how they never lose faith that they will reunite one day. They are strong, and persevere, and prosper, like trees planted by the rivers of water...

Tom, a young slave boy, was sold and separated from his family as a child. Many years later, in 1861, he escapes from a plantation in Charleston, South Carolina, believing he can join the Union Army and help win the war. He has no idea what awaits him in the murky, thick South Carolina and North Carolina woods; or within the moated walls of that large stone structure, Fort Monroe.

Tom's only sister, Sarah, is a fugitive slave living in Boston. Sarah works hard to become a successful designer and dressmaker. She lives in fear of being captured by Frank Wilmington, her master who has been hunting her since she was a young teenager. More than anything, she wants to find her brother.

Filled with suspense, and historical facts, Planted by the Waters examines the daily lives of fugitive slaves in overcrowded contraband camps, trying to survive without enough food and medical care. The story covers some of the struggles runaways had to face; and how, with the help of Freedmen Aid Societies, the "contrabands" gradually established self-sufficient communities.

Tom and Sarah, unlike most slave children, spent the early years of their lives with their parents, Joshua and Bertha. Their love, support and powerful, positive words helped their children to sprout...grow...prosper, like trees Planted by the Waters.

Binding Type: Paperback
Author: Carter-Ball, J.
Published: 04/20/2018
Publisher: Ideas Into Books: Westview
ISBN: 9781628801392
Pages: 252
Weight: 0.82lbs
Size: 9.00h x 6.00w x 0.57d
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