Loyalty 2 Da Streets Trilogy by G, Queen
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Loyalty 2 Da Streets Trilogy

Synopsis Loyalty 2Da Streets Vol.1 Is Loyalty enough.... When twins are separated at birth can they have loyalty to each other? Keisha and Kiki where raised in two different cities, but were battling some of the same problems. Keisha grew up in Memphis, TN along with her siblings, and sisters from another mother, Alexis and Tiffany. They take to the streets to save their little brother. Guns blaze and sparks fly. Kiki was raised in East Saint Louis, IL and was born to hustle. She does everything under the sun and even gets involved with gangs. A tragic turn of events has Kiki fleeing her home turf and the chance meeting of her sister. When Keisha and Kiki meet they form an immediate bond. Their philosophy on life will keep them close even when bad news comes a knocking. Find out if Loyalty truly is enough... Synopsis for Loyalty 2 Da Streets Vol.2: When the streets come knocking Lala J has been the apple of her father's eyes her whole life, and then one day her life is turned upside down when he dies. She finds out that the life she has lived was a complete lie. She meets her real father, uncle, and first cousin; and is immediately pulled into the family business. Before long she has the streets in t...he palm of her hands... But someone doesn't like her rise to fame and has it out for her and her family. Lala J must trust in her new family and see old friends in a new light. The one thing that Lala J's fake father taught her is something you die for. When the smoke clears will she be dead? In Jail? Will there anybody left for her to trust? Did she place her loyalty behind the right person? One thing is for sure she is motivated by loyalty, but will it be enough to save her The Synopsis Loyalty 2 Da Streets Vol.3: There's no turning back Mia has lived a sheltered life, because of her boyfriend, Dre's, ties to the streets. They were living the hood fantasy until Dre is locked up and Mia has to face reality and face all the things she turned a blind eye to. Mia is determined to ride with Dre at all costs until she is betrayed... The family is getting settled into the legal grind and enjoying the fruits of their hustle until someone touches members inside their closed circle. Keisha, KiKi, and LaLa J will once again sport their all black to gain justice for the family. This time there is more at state than jail or the grave... The family takes in Mia and notices that she has ties to their past but also to those trying to bring down the family. Snitching will end lives, and when one family member is found to be unloyal all bets are off and the ladies will not stop to everyone involved is dead. When the smoke clears who will run the streets.

Binding Type: Paperback
Author: G, Queen
Published: 04/25/2014
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 9781499264722
Pages: 366
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Color: Blue, Purple, White
Size: 20, 24
Material: 100% Polyester