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Susane Lavallais Boykins

Loving Josephine

Loving Josephine

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The very strong, always in control Feen comes face to face with a nightmare she'd never imagined, in a town where she'd always felt safe. A close friend violently rapes her and shakes her trust in humanity.

So begins Susane Lavallais Boykins' mesmerizing new novel as it continues the tale about life in a small town in Louisiana. It follows the tribulations and successes of Josephine, Luke, Adrian, Charlotte and the rest of her family, beginning in the 1930s Depression and ending in the mid-1960s

Her husband, Luke, becomes enamored with a young woman who is obsessed with him, and he fights temptation, while he ignores her troubling behaviors. A strong belief in superstition keeps Feen's family embroiled in a whirlwind of occurrences that leads to disastrous consequences.

As she weaves her way to the 1970s, many misfortunes befall her and her relatives, including murder, adultery, domestic violence and poverty. With a shocking revelation of betrayal, will she be able to rejuvenate her marriage or will she be tempted to face scandal and move on with someone else?

Binding Type: Hardcover
Author: Boykins, Susane Lavallais
Published: 02/26/2020
Publisher: Sun Red Books LLC
ISBN: 9780998522135
Pages: 278
Weight: 1.27lbs
Size: 9.00h x 6.00w x 0.75d
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