Love Ain't No Fairytale by Dorsett, Tt
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Love Ain't No Fairytale

Diego and Dean Shaw are the twins that every lady wants and love. They have always lived by their own rules and nothing or no one can get in their way. Owning the biggest nightclub in Miami has its perks, and among them are the ladies. Diego has always been a sweet charmer with the women until Roxi walked into the picture. He's been running after her for three years until one night of drunken passion landed them in Vegas and married the next morning. Diego, ready to right his wrongs asked Roxi to give their marriage a try for six months. If she feels it isn't something she wants, he will grant her a divorce. Dean has no intentions of ever letting Roxi go. He will have to prove to her that he is worthy of her heart, but Roxi doesn't feel the same way. Roxi has grown up around her ruthless father and aunt. She emulated everything they did until they handed her over one of the biggest drug empires. All the time she has is proving to everyone that she is capable of handling the business her father and aunt entrusted to her. She doesn't have time for love and getting married to Diego wasn't in her plans. Running away from love has always been a thing for Roxi because of her being raped at sixteen. She has trust issues and a heart of a true savage. Can Dean be able to break down those walls or is it too late to change Roxi's, cold heart? Dean is engaged to his college sweetheart, Alicia. He feels she is the right one for him but what happens when he catches her having sex with another man? Vowing to never give love a try again, Dean meets the beautiful Suri, Roxi's best friend. Suri is a breath of fresh air and breaks down all of the walls he's put up after Alicia. He goes into the relationship full blast, but what happens when someone from Suri past does not want them together? Dean vows to protect her at all cost and will kill anyone who tries to get in his way. Suri moved from Atlanta back home to Miami to get away from an abusive relationship she found herself in for two years. She promised herself when she moved back home she was going to only focus on herself. But all that changes when Dean steps on the scene. With his charisma and smooth charm, she falls for him instantly. Things are going well for them until Suri's ex-decides to come back and make her life a living hell. Trying to pack up and run away from the abuse, Suri makes the fatal mistake of not trusting Dean. Can Suri's faith in Dean be what she had always been looking for, or is it another love gone wrong? Come take a ride with Love Ain't No Fairytale where love is tested, trust is broken, and secrets are revealed. Also, catch up on your favorite characters from Hold Me By The Heart Series.

Binding Type: Paperback
Author: Dorsett, Tt
Published: 08/22/2018
Publisher: Independently Published
ISBN: 9781719845885
Pages: 246
Weight: 0.74lbs
Size: 9.02h x 5.98w x 0.52d
Color: Blue, Purple, White
Size: 20, 24
Material: 100% Polyester