Life On The Back Side Of The Sport Of Kings: American Apartheid, A Never Ending Story by Wright, James S.
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Life On The Back Side Of The Sport Of Kings: American Apartheid, A Never Ending Story

"THE BACK SIDE OF THE SPORT OF KINGS," is about life on the "BACK SIDE" of the Sport of Thoroughbred Horse Racing in America. The "Back Side" or the barn or stable area, is where the thoroughbred horses, the Stars or Equestrian Athletes of the sport of racing are housed. The Back Side is the part of the sport of thoroughbred horse racing that the general public rarely get to see. As with my other books, "AMERICAN APARTHEID" and "NO LAND, NO MULE, NO FREEDOM, American Apartheid, the Saga Continues," I provide the reader with the opinionated perspective of an African American, regarding historical events that make facts and information about the black Americans who make their living working with thoroughbred horses, an interesting subject. This book provides historical data on a lifestyle that started in slavery and has survived and moved on to the next millennium. Thoroughbred Horseracing is part of professional sports, and like all other sports, it is designed to entertaining to its patrons. In ever entertainment business, be it sports, the cinema, TV or live theater, there are thousands of men and women that work behind the scene to provide the support services necessary to insure that the show always goes on. Just as with the people who work in the stable area of the racetrack, we, the general public rarely if ever sees the men and women that work behind the scenes of the entertainment business. In the theater, movies and TV, you have specialist who handle the cameras, make-up, wardrobe and set design; in outdoors sports like baseball and football, you have the field maintenance crew, stadium clean-up crew and locker room attendance for the players, without these hard working people we would not enjoy the excellent entertainment that is provided in this country today. Over the years most of the professional that work behind the scene of the entertainment business having risen from an unorganized work force with low paying jobs with no benefits and no future, to an organized work force with trade unions that feature highly skilled positions with high salaries and benefits. I wrote the American Apartheid Trilogy to jumpstart the Civil Rights movement, which has come to a screeching halt in America. It is my hope that my perspectives of African American history have changed the lives of the people who have read my books. American Apartheid is truly a never ending saga, maybe one of my readers will be inspired to continue to write stories about the events that make up the black history of this country from the heart, soul and spirit of an African American. There are many great moments in African American history, some have been memorable and others we would love to forget. If there is one thing that I would want my readers to remember from the American Apartheid Trilogy is that "history needs to be taught in more than one color and from more than one perspective. To all my readers, remember: Knowledge is power and education is the key to knowledge.

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