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Martin Jamison

Idi Amin and Uganda: An Annotated Bibliography

Idi Amin and Uganda: An Annotated Bibliography

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In this volume, Martin Jamison provides a descriptive bibliography of published material on Idi Amin and Uganda during the Amin years. Arranging the entries topically within chronological sections, Jamison covers the span of Amin's reign from 1971 to 1979. The work also includes entries providing background information on Amin and covering Amin in exile.

The volume covers scholarly, research-level, English-language works, all of which are generally accessible in libraries in North America. The literature covered includes journal articles, books, chapters within edited volumes, conference papers, government publications, audiovisual materials, and theses. Works included are those that are substantial and to the point, that provide more than a passing glance of Amin, and that speak directly to the topic of Amin or Uganda under Amin. With some exceptions, the bibliography excludes newspaper articles, popular or news magazine articles, fiction, encyclopedias, yearbooks, and other standard handbooks. After personally examining all but fifteen of the entries cited, Jamison has provided descriptive, nonevaluative annotations. Annotations also note such features as length, type of illustrative material, indexes, and notes. The volume also includes author, title, and subject indexes. It will be a valuable aid for students and other researchers who want to find and select literature on Idi Amin and his times.

Binding Type: Hardcover
Author: Jamison, Martin
Published: 10/20/1992
Publisher: Greenwood
ISBN: 9780313272738
Pages: 168
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Size: 9.60h x 6.32w x 0.66d
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