Faith Confronts Nuclear Power by Gugel, John R.
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Faith Confronts Nuclear Power

Faith Confronts Nuclear Power is a theological critique that attempts to call people to action in the battle against nuclear power. Nuclear power is a sophisticated, terribly expensive, and frightfully dangerous way to boil water. What is it doing to the earth our God created? How do we care for the earth if we allow it to continue? Looking at nuclear power through the eyes of faith, a Lutheran pastor, John Gugel, is alarmed at the apparent lack of concern on this issue and seeks to call people to action. ""This book, Faith Confronts Nuclear Power, is a true labor of love, by a man who is deeply concerned about the effects that nuclear power will have upon the planet for many, many centuries, damaging God's creation. He is right because the waste from nuclear power will, over time, induce random compulsory genetic engineering in all species on earth, thereby inducing severe damage to the wondrous processes of life induced by evolution over millions of years. The author has beautifully tied the wise and wonderful Biblical writings to denote that this fact is all too true. It is an extremely inspiring book and it points out that, in fact, faith can provide all the answers to the world's problems if exercised as the ancient prophets and god-like figures preached."" --Helen Caldicott ""John Gugel has long insisted that the church needs to have a public face that addresses society and its problems in addition to attending to the faith life of individuals. Nuclear power was once viewed as an easy solution to our energy challenges, but its costs and especially its deleterious effects on the environment have belied that promise. John Gugel speaks truth to (nuclear) power. Anyone who reads this book will not want to remain on the sidelines."" --Ralph W. Klein, Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago ""John Gugel is not merely asking the question 'Is atomic energy on earth transgression?' He says it is. He puts before our eyes vivid, even grisly, evidence of the self-destruction already underway. He may be a 'voice crying in the wilderness' (John 1:23), and there may indeed be pushback, but that's not a bad label for John Gugel to have. Like the first whistleblower, John, our second whistleblower, John Gugel, weaves the good news story of the mangered Messiah into his bad news narrative. Good for him Good for us "" --Edward Scroeder, former theology teacher, active global mission volunteer ""I believe the saying is 'going to hell in a handbasket.' And that's exactly what we seem to be doing in driving our poor into starvation. Pastor Gugel has eloquently given us his piercing cry of, 'Where is the turning to God and performing his works? Where are the prophets of old who stood up to speak for us and decry the desecration of the poor and starving?' Wealth, and nuclear and environmental despoiling are depriving all of mankind. We must each become our prophets, our leaders to cry out, to gather us to cease this descent into hell. Pastor Gugel shall lead us "" --Ed Asner John Gugel graduated from Concordia Junior College in Ft. Wayne, IN; Concordia Senior College in Ann Arbor, MI; and Concordia Seminary in St. Louis, MO. He served churches in St. Louis, MO; Des Moines, IA; Marion, IA; and Muskego, WI, having to retire early because of Parkinson's Disease. He then began his writing career, writing for church publications.

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Author: Gugel, John R.
Published: 10/22/2015
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