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Sa'id Salaam

Dope Girl 4

Dope Girl 4

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It's going to be all out war when all sides collide in the explosive finale of the Dope Girl series. Juan is playing for keeps now that he's discovered Cameisha betrayed him. Will he find out she is his sister? Will it matter? Now that the police have linked her to the Salazar drug clan they plan to take her down with them. A dangerous new enemy comes on the scene with Suave and Bilal. Can the crew forgive Dasia for her treason or will she fall victim to the crews mantra of death before dishonor? Cameisha has gotten in way over her head this time. This time uncle Killa won't be able to come to her rescue. Will she make it out alive or REST IN PEACE.

Binding Type: Paperback
Author: Salaam, Sa'id
Published: 04/13/2020
Publisher: Sa'id Salaam Presents
ISBN: 9781952541292
Pages: 214
Weight: 0.50lbs
Size: 8.50h x 5.51w x 0.54d
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