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Jacquelyn G. Alston

Comparative Nationalism: Definitions, Interpretations and the Black American and British West African Experience to 1947

Comparative Nationalism: Definitions, Interpretations and the Black American and British West African Experience to 1947

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Comparative Nationalism has original documentation that makes it unique. It is a book to be used in reorganizing the writing of history as it strengthens the case for early nationalism. This book is different than other books on the period or other edited conglomerations in that it brings closer together history, politics and government. The author chose to compare because she foresaw this reorganization. This book is concerned about describing only the early period. What stands out is what kind of government or nation happened at that time and how it can be connected to the later period. How can we speak of it in reference to French Africa or other parts of the world knowing the form it took. We survived slavery, but what is in our future from the impact from any given election to the next or from war to war. This grouping of states in this work allows us to view it better. We see history different since 911 and even since the first war in Iraq. The state of Israel came into existence in 1947. This kind of grouping helps us to shift themes and blocks better. We never thought something such as religion, for example, would have such an impact on the writing of history.

Different themes, such as the need for war in history, must be relevant and accurate. For example, the way they used to teach about the position of women in Islam has been exposed, or the way the position of women in America in capitalist relationships has been exposed. Do you still think we know what democracy is after current elections that allowed terrorists to win. The newest era involves old and new groups and organizations in black America since the death of Coretta King, for example, the Republican party, welfare reform or immigration reform. Many blacks lost interest or don't know what happened in Africa in current years or even in the United States. They don't know the names of the political organizations in the last 10-30 years. Much was destroyed in the newest era only to rise again recently.

Binding Type: Paperback
Author: Alston, Jacquelyn G.
Published: 12/13/2006
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 9780595419937
Pages: 212
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Size: 9.00h x 6.00w x 0.48d

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