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Kelly Branyik

The Lost Pleiad

The Lost Pleiad

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She set out on a journey to find home and ended up finding two. Which one will she choose?

Anya Allen has always felt out of place on Earth and strangely felt more connected to the stars. Stargazing has been a life-long hobby for Anya but there is one constellation she favors above all others; The Pleiades.

As befuddling as this connection was, she still spent years convincing herself everyone felt just as lost in the world. But at 30-years-old, her strongest desire to belong takes her on a journey to discover who she really is and her true place in the Universe.

As her online research awakens her introspective curiosity, she discovers truths about the star cluster that evokes a possibility she only vaguely suspected; she might not be from planet Earth.

How can that be?

Motivated to get answers, Anya seeks assistance from a duo of lightworkers, who introduce her to metaphysical travels that will shoot her to the one place she had only ever imagined. As her abilities to move between two worlds intensifies, so does a budding romantic bond with one person who knows and accepts her better than anyone, Sam.

Suddenly, Earth was feeling like the home she had always yearned for.

Their deepening love threatens to disrupt Anya's desires to visit a world unknown and find the place she truly belongs.

Through a series of interstellar travels, Anya finally finds the home she has always longed for but which world is she actually destined to live in?

**Grab your copy today and take a spiritual and thrilling journey to the stars!**

The Lost Pleiad is a romantic and inspiring full-length Greek mythology retelling of The Seven Sisters as told in 170,000 words. This self-explorative story will transport science fiction and Greek mythology fans to a marvelous galactic world within our Universe that many believe exist but have never actually see

Binge the COMPLETE series

  • Book 1: The Lost Pleiad (December 2021)
  • Book 2: Pearl of the Sky (Tentative Release 2022)
  • Book 3: A Star and Her King (Tentative Release 2023)

***Fans of Greek mythology stories like Circe and spiritual science fiction stories like To Sleep in a Sea of Stars, will fall in love with this confusing and uplifting journey to finding home. People of the Pleiadian community will resonate with this story and what it means to learn who they are in the Universe.***

If you love sci-fi stories like Dune, To Sleep in a Sea of Stars, or retold Greek mythology stories like Circe you will enjoy The Lost Pleiad! Get your copy today and take this inspiring journey to the stars.

Binding Type: Hardcover
Author: Branyik, Kelly
Published: 12/13/2021
Publisher: Kelly Branyik
ISBN: 9781737815808
Pages: 600
Weight: 2.27lbs
Size: 9.00h x 6.00w x 1.50d
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