Sex, Lies, and Murder: House of Croix by Ly, Syrius
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Sex, Lies, and Murder: House of Croix

"I want you to say my name. Say it 'til it melts on your tongue and you remember how I taste" Sebastian Croix Investment Banker Avery Ellis is haunted by a secret from his past. A secret that he and his close friends Chris, Jason and Gregory had kept since high school; a secret that he'd thought they'd buried over twenty-five years ago, but when Gregory is brutally murdered on January 17th 2014 and Jason brutally murdered exactly a month later, Avery begins to suspect that the murders have something to do with their dirty secret. Avery's paranoia escalates into overdrive, he starts to feel uneasy; feeling as though someone is watching his every move; as if someone has always been watching him. When a mysterious piece of the twenty-five year old secret is delivered to Avery's house, his suspicions of being watched are confirmed; someone knows But who? The night terrors began to take a toll on Avery and his relationship with his fianc the beautiful Jordynn Christopher, his high school sweetheart; the woman he was no longer in love with, but the woman who got him through his nightmares. He'd hidden his secret from her; she could never know, but when Avery starts receiving riddled notes from the unknown culprit, he then starts to believe that he knows who it is; the paranoia persists to the point of desperation; he now questions his only remaining friend, Chris' loyalty to the point of threatening his life, his only recourse is to enlist the help of the person he despises most, Mr. Sebastian Croix, the wealthiest man in LaMontagne Parish, Louisiana; a sight to behold and named the ninth wonder of the world, his mind is as beautiful as his reflection; Ruler of his atmosphere and all who dare to exist in it, including the pretentious and cunning Avery Ellis. Mr. Croix agrees to help Avery only because he has a scheme of his own that is unfolding right before the unsuspecting and self-absorbed Avery Ellis' eyes. Mr. Croix is a master at his craft; mind manipulation, danger, social chess and organized chaos, the nightmare that happens in the daylight. Piece by piece as this trilogy unfolds, secrets will be exposed and lives will be forever changed, Sex, love and murder are what drives this twisted tale. Things are not always as they seem. Once Avery's secrets are exposed he will have wished that he'd left Pandora's Box uninterrupted. Welcome to the House of Croix. Syrius'Ly

Binding Type: Paperback
Author: Ly, Syrius
Published: 08/18/2014
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 9781500845186
Pages: 186
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