No Limits: Viewers Discretion Advised. by Ross
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No Limits: Viewers Discretion Advised.

Here's an excerpt of No Limits; if you like this, you will fall in love with the book "Sit the fuck down," she said, "Matter fact, lay the fuck down on the bed with your hands straight out where I can see them. With the gun to my head, she then began cuffing me to her bed posts. "I'll be back. I'm about to go to my squad car and call this in, fucking pervert." Once she left, I began twisting and turning, desperately trying to slide out of those cuffs, to no avail. I heard her coming back up the steps, so I played cool, deciding that I would have to talk my way out of this. As she neared the door, I said, "Listen, I'm incredibly sorry..." I stopped short when I noticed she was butt naked, just standing in the doorway like a stallion. Even though my life may have been on the line, I felt my dick rising. She crawled up my body seductively, gun still in hand. Tapping my shaft with the barrel of the pistol. "Who gave you permission to get hard?" she said, smiling while kissing on my neck. Working her way down to my collar bone, running her tongue along my chest to my navel. She stopped, holding my dick in both hands, "You really do have a pretty big dick." Then she deep-throated it in one fell swoop. Pulling it out slowly, she giggled, "Oops, I'm getting a little ahead of myself. Let me slow down." She sat back at the end of the bed, pulling her panties to the side and began rubbing her clit counter clock wise. "Do you like that?" she asked. "Hell yeah." "I know you do. I'm looking at how hard I got your cock. You love this shit." She began to pull her breasts out and lick them with her freakishly long tongue. "Wrap that tongue around my dick," I said. "I see you're a talker, aren't you?" she said, standing up on the bed. "Since your mouth is so big, put it to good use and suck on my fat pussy," she said, as she pulled her panties off. Grabbing the back of my head, she began to grind her pussy on my lips and tongue. Soft sensual moans emitted from her as she moistened. "Damn, your lips are so fucking soft," she said. I began to tease her, flicking my tongue on her clit slowly, in the same pattern she was rubbing it. "Ohh shit baby, don't tease me like that." I kept right on teasing her. "I said, don't tease me " she said, grabbing the back of my head and fucking my face. "I'm about to cum " she said, "Lick my clit real fast baby." I began slowly, working my way up to full throttle, flicking my tongue as fast as I could. "MMMMMmmmm shit I'm fucking cumming " she said as she released, her waves splashing on my tongue and chest. "Let me get that up for you, baby," she said, as she took that long tongue and began to lick my lips. "I bet you want to come on my face now, huh?" "I would like that." "I bet you would. In due time baby, but for now, let me get that nut up out of that dick." "Aren't you going to un-cuff me?" I asked. "Why would I go and do a thing like that?" she said with a giggle, as she began to pour baby oil on my dick. "I'm going to save you fucking the living shit out of me for next time." Her hands were so soft, not to mention, I looked huge in those small hands. "Mr. Marks, I can't wait to have this thick, long dick in my pussy. I'm almost tempted to give you a sample on the first date," she said with a laugh. She began to stroke it slowly with one hand as she stuck her long tongue in my mouth. I sucked on it a bit between kisses. She began to kiss and bite my neck softly. "Cum for me baby," she whispered in my ear as she began to stroke it faster. How I wished my hands were free so I could palm that nice, round ass I started to feel my orgasm coming. "Just stroke the tip," I said. "Make that big dick cum for me," she whispered in my ear, as I shot my load everywhere. Just click the link and enjoy I guarantee a new level of satisfaction, a level where there are No Limits.

Binding Type: Paperback
Author: Ross
Published: 06/01/2014
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 9781497498105
Pages: 148
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Size: 9.00h x 6.00w x 0.32d
Color: Blue, Purple, White
Size: 20, 24
Material: 100% Polyester