Holding The Heart of a Hustla by Johnson, Jenica
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Holding The Heart of a Hustla

Being best friends with the opposite sex comes with its advantages. Once you cross the line, you can't go back. Zia better known to her friends as Z, doesn't ask for much. She gets it out the mud and never lets you see her sweat. With her best friend, Bean on her side, she feels like life was good just the way it was. With her recently divorced mother in her home, stress sets in as she deals with juggling the bills and dealing with her mother's depression. Zia finds herself working more and enjoying life less until Messiah walks in her life and swoops her away from her family and friends. The person that has the most gripe about it, is Bean. Messiah isn't feeling Zia being best friends with another man but is Zia willing to give up a lifelong friendship for her boyfriend she just met? Adrian better known as Bean is the biggest player known to mankind. He enjoys the pleasure of women and rewards them with fancy cars, condos and designer clothes. He's careless with women until he comes down to his best friend Zia. She's the only girl that could get him to do right. The only thing is, she won't let him cross that line. Bean tries everything to capture her heart, even going as far as trying to severe her relationship with Messiah. He never knew a woman could hold his heart like Zia could. Bean loves Zia and he loves having several women. Is he willing to let go of his player card if Zia gives him the chance? Messiah is the man that every woman desires but can't get. He knows how to treat his woman but it's one distraction that he just can't get rid of, his ex. He thought she was long gone after humiliating him in front of his hood but she's back and she wants her man back. Messiah struggles with keeping Zia happy, whom he loved and keeping his ex out of his business. Not only is he having ex problems but Bean is all over him about Zia. Will Messiah be the man Zia needs or will he fall just like every other man she knows? Vee is the cousin and best friend of Zia. Raised under the same roof as Zia, one would think that Vee's morals would be the same but they aren't. Vee jumps from man to man to please her sexual appetite. That same appetite is what leads to her demise. She still doesn't stop, her hunger to be on top shakes everything around her. Will her mommy issues cause her to hurt the ones she loves or will she be able to fix what she broke?

Binding Type: Paperback
Author: Johnson, Jenica
Published: 08/03/2019
Publisher: Independently Published
ISBN: 9781087367736
Pages: 226
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Size: 9.02h x 5.98w x 0.48d
Color: Blue, Purple, White
Size: 20, 24
Material: 100% Polyester