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Helen Kromer

Amistad: The Slave Uprising Aboard the Spanish Schooner

Amistad: The Slave Uprising Aboard the Spanish Schooner

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Almost 160 years ago, a group of kidnapped Africans aboard the Spanish slave ship La Amistad revolted and attempted to set sail for home. Instead, after being misguided by the captive crew to the coast of New England, they found themselves embroiled in a tempest of controversy.

An international debate would rage for two years regarding whether the Africans were indeed property or whether they were to be considered free. Led by the charismatic Cinque, the proud sojourners had not only endured the hellish Middle Passage and survived the harrowing revolt, but they would confront a hostile foreign culture -- and the prospect of being deported to a changed Africa.

A gripping account of a noble and bittersweet struggle, "Amistad" is a story never to be forgotten. Echoing a cry for freedom that can still be heard around the world today, Helen Kromer's work preserves the dignity and agony of the lonely, frightened handful of slaves who overthrew their captors and embarked on a long trip toward liberty in a world that aimed to deny them justice.

Binding Type: Paperback
Author: Kromer, Helen
Published: 12/01/1997
Publisher: Pilgrim Press
ISBN: 9780829812657
Pages: 98
Weight: 0.28lbs
Size: 7.05h x 5.04w x 0.36d

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