Alkaline Diet for Beginners: The Alkaline Diet Guide for Weight Loss with Meal Plan, Recipes and Cookbook. Drink Alkaline Smoothies and Water. Rese by Fox, Sandra
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Alkaline Diet for Beginners: The Alkaline Diet Guide for Weight Loss with Meal Plan, Recipes and Cookbook. Drink Alkaline Smoothies and Water. Rese

Eat Wholesome and Natural Foods

Looking for a diet to detoxify?

Would you like to improve your health?

The Alkaline diet was designed as an easy-to-follow guide to the most common foods that influence your body's pH level.

The basic concept of the Alkaline Diet follows an ideology that believes that the human body turns into a very healthy metabolic machine when acidic (acid forming) foods are completely replaced with Alkaline based ones.

A small preparation and planning go a long way towards the achievement on the ketogenic diet.

In this book, you'll find how easy it is to make healthy, mouth-watering, homemade alkaline foods according to your daily macro amount.

Inside this book, you will discover:

An overview of the alkaline diet that teaches you about how the diet work, how pH works in your body, the pH values of specific foods find out how a few simple food substitutions and additions can correct your acid-base woes and steer your diet in the direction of good health.

The alkaline diet is the first and only book to provide this information in such extensive detail. Moreover, 0ver 50 alkaline recipes to restore your body ph balance.

15 super easy breakfast meal to start your day Garden pancakes, Tropical granola, winter fruit compote with figs and ginger, Pumpkin-spice quinoa casserole, Brown rice porridge, etc.

15 lunchtime choices for busy people The comfort bowl, the harvest bowl, The Hawaiian bowl, The Hollywood bowl, The Italian bowl

15 dinner specialties for the whole family Lovers' lasagna, Stuffed peppers, curried eggplant, Championship chili, Stir-fry vegetables

15 smoothie recipes: Banana nut bread smoothie, Orange you glad its healthy smoothie, Mango, papaya, raspberry smoothie, Cherry-chocolate smoothie,

Better-than-a-coffeehouse pumpkin drink.

15 snacks recipes: Sushi hand roll, Party mix, herbed crackers, Spinach artichoke dip, Healthy hummus

10 salads recipes: Salad on a stick, South-of-the-border salad, roasted vegetable salad, Pad Thai salad, Quinoa and avocado salad

A Complete seven-day meal plan to start up your amazing journey with right foot and much more

Calorie, fat, protein, and net carbohydrate counts on all recipes to eat without worrying about your daily macros.

This book shows you how to change the dirty, acidic, toxic water in your body allowing life into your cells through food.

This new increased life flow into your cells creates the ideal and optimal environment to allow your body to heal, regenerate, rejuvenate and vibrate of energy from the inside out

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