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Francesca Penn

Admit It

Admit It

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She is everything he wants in a woman.

He is nothing she wants in a man.

The electric chemistry between them is hotter than anything Dex has ever created in the kitchen.

Dex Sinclair is a globe-trotting chef who is filled with wanderlust, but from the moment he'd laid eyes on his brother's future sister-in-law, Cayla Wright, he was filled with a different kind of lust. Watching his brother fall in love is more than he could take. He wants that for himself. He longs for a woman who challenges him. A woman who makes him want to share everything - his joys, goals, dreams, and achievements with her. A woman who makes him want to give her his heart. She is everything on his list, but some things a man just needs a woman to admit.

Goals. Cayla has plenty of them. Marrying a handsome, nice, black man, is her main goal. Dex lights her fire, but he is not what she is looking for in a potential husband. Easy on the eyes, for sure. Dynamic and driven, without a doubt. Truth-telling...unfortunately, he is that, too. Black, not even close. Dex's gray-eyed gaze pierces her soul, but Cayla keeps a force field around her heart.

Cayla is unsure if she can love him. Dex refuses to accept anything less.

Dex and Cayla's love has the potential to be epic. Their charisma is something magical worth fighting for.

First, Dex just has to make her Admit It.

Binding Type: Paperback
Author: Penn, Francesca
Published: 01/31/2019
Publisher: Ladero Fiction
ISBN: 9781946981349
Pages: 266
Weight: 0.75lbs
Size: 8.50h x 5.50w x 0.60d
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